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2019 Proceedings

The Collected Proceedings will be published in an online-only format. Conference registrants will receive free access approximately one week before the meeting; the free access will expire on December 31, 2019, at which time paid access will take effect.

Extended abstracts of two to three pages, including references, will be permitted in addition to full manuscripts (8-page limit).

All manuscripts must be submitted in PDF format.

Note that proceedings participation is encouraged, but not required for participants.

If your symposium is publishing in the Collected Proceedings, you will receive an e-mailed invitation by early May to submit a manuscript. Please note that some symposium organizers may arrange alternate publishing plans. Please check the Excluded list for details.

Submit your manuscript and copyright form to ProgramMaster by entering your username and password and clicking on Presenter/Author Tools. Note that the person who submitted the abstract must also submit the manuscript. If that person is unavailable, please contact the programming staff for assistance.


If your proceedings will be edited by the organizer, these deadlines apply:

  • Initial Manuscript Upload: before June 4, 2019
  • Reviews will take place between June 5 and June 18, 2019
  • Final Manuscript Upload: before June 28, 2019

If your proceedings will not be edited by the organizer, this deadline applies:

  • Final Manuscript Upload: before June 14, 2019

Your manuscript invitation e-mail will indicate if your proceedings will be edited or unedited. You can also log into ProgramMaster for details. For more information, contact MS&T Programming Staff.

Citing the 2019 Proceedings in Future Works

A sample citation for this proceedings volume appears below. Please be sure to include the conference name and date in the citation if possible.

Author Name. “Paper Title,” In Contributed Papers from Materials Science & Technology 2019, (inclusive page numbers). Paper presented at MS&T19, Portland, Oregon, USA. Warrendale, PA: Materials Science & Technology, 2019.

Note: The example above is just a guide. You should follow the reference formatting guidelines for your specific publication.