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Presenter Tools for MS&T20 Virtual

Thank you for contributing your work to MS&T20 Virtual. The following tools will help you to prepare for your conference presentation.

MS&T20 Virtual Speaker Guide

This PowerPoint presentation will walk presenters through the process of pre-recording a presentation for MS&T20 Virtual. Download the MS&T20 Virtual Speaker Guide PowerPoint presentation.

MS&T20 Virtual PowerPoint Template

An MS&T20 Virtual PowerPoint template, providing useful instructions and guidelines for creating your presentation, is available to all presenters. The PowerPoint template is not required, so you can use your own if you prefer. Download the MS&T20 Virtual PowerPoint template.

Deadline Dates for Presentation Uploads

The deadline to record presentations varies by topic track. This schedule provides a list of symposia by topic area and the associated deadlines. Download Symposium Schedule in Excel.

For More Information

Answers to typical presenter questions can be found on our Frequently Asked Questions page. If you have any additional questions, please contact MS&T Programming Staff.